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Welcome to Athletic Endeavours, and best wishes for 2022! After a couple of  pandemic years, everyone is trying in some way to plan for a better year in 2022 personally and collectively. If your personal dreams for 2022 include becoming fitter and healthier, you’ve visited the right place. After 26 years of personal training and multi-sport coaching, I’ve grown to know intuitively what my clients are trying to achieve, from those taking the first steps towards athleticism, to elite athlete competitors looking for that edge. Through direct experience as a PT, a competitive multi-sport athlete and a coach, I understand the transformative power of coaching and personal training on bringing about first achievements and personal bests for both athlete and non-athlete clients. Understanding my clients in this way, I can set the pace for each individual’s success, helping YOU develop a plan and assisting you in moving forward towards your athletic endeavours, big and small. If this the year for “you”, contact me to arrange a free introductory meeting to discuss what Athletic Endeavours can do to make you fitter, stronger, and more resilient.

My life-long commitment to multi-sport endurance athletics began back in 1986 when I completed my first triathlon. From that moment forward, training and racing became initially an obsession, and then, a decade later, evolved naturally to include a full-time career as a NCCP & Triathlon Canada Certified Level 2 swim-bike-run coach and Canfit & BCRPA certified personal trainer. Read more…

24 years of coaching / PERSONAL TRAINING

Athletic Endeavours services focuses on personal training, drop-in HIIT programsmulti-sport endurance coaching, nutrition and functional training workshops, fitness assessments, and body composition assessments with the capacity to custom deliver in any form on any topic relating to functional athletic training and multi-sport endurance coaching. Recognizing the trinity of body, mind and action, Athletic Endeavours creates opportunities for you to succeed on each of those levels of being an athlete. Who’s an athlete? Everyone. It’s where we began as children running free. And it’s where you are heading as you start your athletic endeavour.

Witnessing the joy of a client achieving goals is one of the best aspects of being a professional personal trainer and multi-sport endurance coach. I work with my clients to provide a roadmap, instruction and the tools to succeed. My clients, no matter how tentative those first steps might have been, invariably dig deep to provide the hi-octane fuel for their success: motivation. Coupled with professional personal training and coaching, motivation is that key ingredient acting over time to power a client towards their goal.

Welcome to my current events blog. In this space I’ll promote programs and events, share thoughts, ideas, methodologies, training tips, nutritional info, and any other content current and relevant to you: a personal training and/or coaching client, in support of your goals, your ideas, and your dreams on making it all come true.



Monday to Friday:
6:00am – 8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday
8:00am – 6:00am


Meeting your schedule is my priority. Therefore, I am available for client’s appointments 7 days per week. Call 604-340-6767 anytime to discuss your athletic endeavours.

To your best effort –

Andrew Tuovinen,
Athletic Endeavours Personal Training and Multi-sport Endurance Coaching 
NCCP & Triathlon Canada Certified Level 2 Coach Canfit & BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer

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