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Fall Cycle Camp | Sept. 20-22, 2024

NCCP & Cycling BC Club Assistant Coach Andrew Tuovinen and 8 cyclists for three days of end of the season rides in a beautiful Okanagan setting. The fall camp is open to cyclists of all levels and is all about experiencing the joy of ending the season with non-competitive small group riding for pleasure and camaraderie.

Wind-down the season with 3-days of perfect fall riding in beautiful Penticton. The Fall Cycle Camp is a small group experience a focus on leisurely riding versus the hard training riding of the earlier season camps. We include motivating destinations like winery visits as a reward for any sweat and toil. There’s something a little magical about this year’s camp dates aligning with the fall equinox. At the moment summer transitions to fall at 5:43 am on September 22, there you are in bed, nearly wake, knowing and feeling you ushered in the new season on your bike in a stellar location with like-minded friends.

The Fall Cycle Camp is just the opposite of the three earlier camps. In the earlier camps, the focus was on identifying and working on goals. With this camp, the emphasis is on celebrating the joys of your personal accomplishments over the season. It’s about debriefing versus planning, sharing stories versus comparing strategies. Laughter replaces heavy breathing. Easy communal riding is the goal. Being in the moment and enjoying the beautiful scenery all around you is the overall strategy for this season’s final camp. Please join us for a unique experience. Meet and make friends for life.

Camp Details

  • The Fall Cycle Camp is limited to 10 participants and runs from Friday, September 20 to Sunday, September 22, 2024
  • 3 full but relaxed days on the bike in one of BC’s most spectacular settings.
  • Bring a gear range appropriate to climbing.
  • A variety of accommodations are available in Penticton at for our camp dates as of September 2023.
  • A complete and detailed itinerary is currently in the planning stage and will be completed by the end of this year.
  • Cost: $575+GST

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