Multi-sport Endurance Training Camp 2022

Home Penticton, BC | 4-Days: Wed. July 13 to Sat. July 16, 2022 Multi-sport Endurance Camp for swim-bike-run athletes of all levels July 13-16 @ $575+GST ae fun icon black An intensive 4 day camp, limited to 12 participants, hosted by NCCP and Triathlon Canada Certified Level 2 Coach Andrew Tuovinen, designed for road cyclists, […]

Camp highlights: Coached swimming

Home Camp Highlights: Coached Swimming Focus on developing and maintaining optimum form for short and long course swims… The Goal a) Individual technique feedback during group swims: From the vantage point of a paddle board, I’ll give each participant daily feedback on form and technique. Through observing you over the days of the camp, I’ll be […]

Athletic Endeavours on Social Media

Home Some thoughts on social media Am I on social media? After I train my PT clients and my swim-bike-run athletes have all gone home, I put in a load of laundry, make dinner, speak with friends and clients, and stagger into bed. Don’t get me wrong. I think social media is great for many […]

Camp highlights: Optimizing nutrition

Home Camp highlights: Optimizing nutrition Fueling performance – pre-race, during and post-race – is what optimizing nutrition is all about Is there a better time to rethink eating habits, specifically as they relate to fuelling for performance, other than when you’re working hard and recovering at a 5 day training camp? The daily energy demands […]

Camp highlights: Functional training

Home Camp highlights: Functional training Multi-sport athletes can really benefit from full-body multi-joint exercises to improve muscle strength and endurance, pre, during and post season. This is quite possibly your best defence against potential injury! The Goal The goal of this functional training component is to introduce camp participants to a series of functional training […]

Camp highlights: Recovery sessions

Home Camp Highlights: Recovery Sessions Active recovery from the stresses of training is the key to building capacity in the long run, swim or bike. In this multi-sport endurance camp we will employ strategies like stretching, yoga and ice baths to promote daily recovery The Goal Recovering from exercise stress is an ongoing process: our […]

Camp highlights: Coached biking

Home Camp Highlights: Coached Biking 2022 Penticton Camp – Featured Sport If there is to be component of the camp that will be a main focus, it will be biking. Besides being a life-long personal and competitive specialty for this coach, biking is the one sport where small improvements in fitness, form and efficiency can […]

Camp highlights: Coached running

Home Camp Highlights: Coached Running We’ll focus on identifying the components of efficient, economic running form, and then work on developing and optimizing each of the components as they apply to short and long runs. Replace commons errors in form with big gains in time in your next event. The Goal The running program goal […]

Gift Fit in 2021!

Home Choose experiences over objects… Gift FIT for 2021 Give a gift of health and fitness to someone you love with gift certificates for personal training and coaching January 2, 2021 Gift certificates for personal training, partner training and coaching (swimming, biking, running) are available from Athletic Endeavours in values of 1, 2, 3, 4 or more hours, […]

Refer a Friend :)

Home Like what you’re experiencing? Refer AE to a friend! If you’re liking the effects personal training is having on your life, share the gains with a friend and get FREE personal training sessions! You’ve made some great gains so far in the time we’ve worked together. There’s been some serious carry-over from gains in […]