Thoughts on the Spring Cycle Camp 2022, Penticton

The Spring Cycle Camp 2022 in Penticton has come and gone. It was a fantastic few days of cycle training with a small group of highly motivated individuals on the lightly travelled country roads around Penticton under fair skies and comfortable temperatures. My struggle to make it back to Vancouver is an interesting postscript that did little to kill the happy buzz from a successful camp.

Natasha Broemling’s Experience

Natasha Broemling’s Experience Andrew is a consummate professional. He invests time into continuously learning more about the body & health, sharing advances in strength and balance training for aging. He is flexible and creative, responsive to the needs of busy professional mothers by accommodating my children during summertime sessions. He has successfully motivated me to […]

Mark Pinckard’s Experience

Mark Pinckard’s Experience I’ve known Andrew for several years of competing against him as a road runner, Masters Athlete and bike racer. I’m now currently focusing on middle distance track and needed a strength coach so I could achieve my goals of setting Canadian records and podium placing at the World Championships in Finland. What […]

Ellen Clague’s Experience

Ellen Clague’s Experience I am really enjoying my twice-weekly outdoor HOP classes with Andrew! After 10 months of doing these classes regularly, I feel so much stronger: this improved strength and mobility is benefitting me as a runner and is also giving me extra confidence in all activities. Andrew is very personable and knows how […]

James Cassell’s Experience

James Cassell’s Experience I thought I knew how to train for triathlons but after a few years my results and training became stagnant. The idea of having a professional coach by my side started to make sense. After doing some online research I found Andrew Tuovinen’s website. He seemed credible and was adamant about getting […]

Pedalling Efficiency and Technique Assessment

Pedalling efficiency is the ultimate expression of a well-trained, well-coached cyclist. The ability to get the most power from each pedal revolution is the hallmark of any competitive cyclist, and the desire to get you there is the goal of Athletic Endeavours’ Pedalling Efficiency and Technique Assessment.

Strength, Stability and Flexibility Training

Strength, stability and flexibility training, while important for an athlete’s performance at any age, become essential tools to stave-off injury and decline as an athlete ages. In this article I present the latest training information on strength, stability and flexibility and offer a succinct introductory program to try that combines all three

Learn Suspension Training

Portable. Practical. Powerful results. Suspension training is your pathway to strength, endurance, and fitness independence. Learn to master suspension training and workout wherever and whenever you want at an intensity that suits you best. Say goodbye to equipment lineups in crowded sweaty gyms! Athletic Endeavours’ Suspension Training 365 Suspension training kits are a game changer […]

Remote Coaching for Endurance Athletes

Home Remote Coaching for Endurance Athletes With Remote Coaching, distance and time won’t get in the way of advancing your training You’re a competitive cyclist, runner, swimmer or multi-sport endurance athlete. You know what you want to achieve, but you are too far from a club, or your career or family commitments do not allow you […]

Let’s Talk About Goal Setting

Home What’s next down the road of your training? The summer is winding down, there’s less daylight and it’s getting to that time in our fitness where we start to make some changes in how we approach athletic training for the coming fall and winter. Now is a good time to talk about goal setting. […]