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Camp Highlights: Coached Running

We'll focus on identifying the components of efficient, economic running form, and then work on developing and optimizing each of the components as they apply to short and long runs. Replace commons errors in form with big gains in time in your next event.

The Goal

The running program goal in this year’s camp is to help each participant “find” their form, shed bad habits, and come away from the camp with a set of strategies that, when implemented, will carry you forwards towards a personal best time this season.

a) How to best run ‘off-the-bike’ through brick sessions:

Multi-sport endurance events like duathlons and triathlons are typically won on the run by the runner with the best legs under the circumstances. In most events, an athlete jettisons the bike to hit the pavement with legs felling like they weigh 300 pounds. Say good-bye to lead legs, we’ll focus on strategies for doing your best running off the bike!

 b) Track work focusing on lactic acid tolerance.

We’ll be doing specific track workouts that push one’s anaerobic threshold farther through LA-building drills coupled with recovery. Expect to come away from the camp able to handle the pain of maximal effort with ease 🙂

 c) Heat acclimation training techniques.

There’s likely no better place within 500kms on Vancouver for a competitive multi-sport endurance athlete to acclimatize to heat than Penticton. We’ll explore what typically works best for rapid acclimatization as we also become familiar with the risks of exercising in extreme heat.

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