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Camp Highlights: Coached Biking

The main component of every camp we offer at Athletic Endeavours is cycling training. Besides being a life-long personal and competitive specialty for this coach, cycling is the one sport where small improvements in fitness, form and efficiency can shave minutes off your riding time and put a satisfying grin on your face.

I have to admit: I love biking more than I love running and swimming. This is true for many reasons not the least of which is the feeling of freedom and efficiency that I feel whenever I ride, the longer, the better. My goal during this camp is to share my love of the ride, and instil in you the same deep admiration and respect for the power of cycling that I feel. Learn techniques to improve efficiency, power and on-bike recovery.

The Goal

a) Group rides that will be both drafting and non-drafting, which have benefits unto their own:

The undulating terrain, relatively calm roads and clean air of Penticton and environs makes for really pleasurable cycle training. We’ll be riding in groups to explore drafting and non-drafting conditions and how they affect your race/ride. For instance, you’ll save energy while drafting but expect to take hard turns at the front. Like being alone out front? Learn how to avoid being gobbled-up by the juggernaut of the peloton.

 b) Learn to ride efficiently via functional threshold power or heart rate or good old fashioned RPE (rate of perceived exertion):

The mass introduction of relatively accurate (1% per 100 watts) power meters has lead to a revolution in power output feedback. This tool can lead to some pretty big opportunities for improvements in efficiency. But it’s not something you can’t live without. Learn to be your own “power meter” by becoming tuned-in to a combination of monitored heart rate and perceived rate of exertion.

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