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Camp Highlights:
Functional Strength Training

Multi-sport athletes can really benefit from full-body multi-joint exercises to improve muscle strength and endurance, pre, during and post season. This is quite possibly your best defence against potential injury!

The Goal

The goal of this functional training component is to introduce camp participants to a series of functional training “best practises” that can be applied to any workout, anywhere. These are core ideas translate into a full-body, balanced workout with or without equipment.

a) Learn a series of body-weight exercises to do nearly anywhere:

Pulling and pushing at a variety of angles, using some or all of one’s body weight, is a quick and effective way of getting a full-body workout. Learn to use simple tools and your immediate indoor or outdoor environment for a satisfying strength training session.

 b) Learn to gauge the quality of your workout:

Learn a simple set of rules to apply to any workout that will safely enable you to know you’re getting the most from each repetition, each exercise.

 c) Translate your new workout to any gym for off-season training:

Functional strength training at its best! Learn to use the concept of universal movement themes to structure a creative full-body workout inside or outside of a gym.

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