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Camp Highlights: Optimizing Nutrition

Fueling performance – pre-race, during and post-race – is what optimizing nutrition is all about

Is there a better time to rethink eating habits, specifically as they relate to fuelling for performance, other than when you’re working hard and recovering at a 5 day training camp? The daily energy demands of the camp puts the spotlight on eating thoughtfully so you can continue to train hard and recover well each day. You’ll gain valuable insights into what to eat pre, during and post race for optimum performance.

a) Learn simple techniques to fuel for performance:

Learn to create ideal conditions for maximizing energy substrate storage prior to an event; learn to fuel during your long rides and runs to spare endogenous fuels.

 b) Learn how to eat to aid in recovery from intense exercise:

Eating optimally post training/post race has huge effect on maximizing recovery. We’ll delve into the “tried and true” best practices of post race/post training eating for recovery.

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