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Camp Highlights: Recovery Sessions

Active recovery from the stresses of training is the key to building capacity in the long run, swim or bike. In this multi-sport endurance camp we will employ strategies like stretching, yoga and ice baths to promote daily recovery

The Goal

Recovering from exercise stress is an ongoing process: our bodies are always building, adapting, and adjusting in response to the physical stresses we experience through training, work and life. Often, recovery is treated as an afterthought, something that happens automatically when you’re not working out. While recovery is an autonomic process, helping it along by making wise choices will be a focus of this camp.

a) Yoga sessions:

Borrowing from yoga’s broad repertoire of postures, we’ll be designing and sequencing yogas sessions to promote recovery for endurance athletes.

 b) Ice baths:

Who doesn’t like an ice bath? Most people would be a good answer, but in the right time and place, like each day during the camp, it’s a gift from heaven. Ice baths have been used as a proven recovery agent for decades and, when you climb into the tub in the heat of a summer’s day in Penticton, hot off the bike, you’ll know why.

3) Other magical recovery techniques:

Expect to explore other modalities that aid in recovery from exercise such as PNF stretching and self-massage techniques. Perhaps you have a favourite recovery technique to share to share with the group?

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