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Cycling Training Camp Highlights

The highlights below are activities, services and presentations that throughout the years have become adjuncts to most Athletic Endeavours Cycling Training Camps. Sure, you’re here to become a better cyclist, and that’s precisely why we include more than just cycling training at AE camps. We include introductions to supportive activities like flexibility and strength training, and we offer talks on optimizing nutrition for cyclists because we know that these contribute towards the goal of getting fitter and faster on the bike. Not all activities, services, and presentations are scheduled for every camp but we do try to pack in as much extra stuff possible over the 3-4 days of a typical Athletic Endeavours Cycling Training Camp. Questions? Let us convince you.

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Coached Swimming

In beautiful Skaha and/or Okanagan Lakes
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Train for Real Conditions

Beach starts, drafting, siting, swimming a straight line – all in a group environment.

Coached Cycling

Group rides with a focus on technique and pacing
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Quiet low traffic roads

Learn to ride efficiently via functional threshold power, heart rate or rate of perceived exertion.

Coached Running

Roads and trails in and around Penticton
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Beautiful trails

Learn how to best run ‘off-the-bike’ through brick sessions.

Functional Training

Functional and effective bodyweight strength exercises
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Using body weight

Learn a full-body workout with your body weight as resistance.

Recovery Sessions

Quality recovery time with yoga, stretching, ice baths
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Mixed Modalities

Yoga sessions, ice baths and other magical recovery techniques!

Optimizing Nutrition

Optimize pre, during and post nutrition
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Eat to WIN!

The key to endurance performance is learning to eat for optimum training and racing

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