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Penticton Camps for 2021

With our Spring Cycling Camp cancelled due to bc's COVID-19 travel restrictions we look ahead to the Summer Multi-sport Endurance Camp (July 14-17)

The Penticton Multi-sport Endurance Camp is open to maximum of 10 participants. All levels of athletes are welcome to attend. Experience what an expertly coached training camp in a great setting can do for your cycling, running and swimming abilities.

I’ve gotta say, the camps are my fave part of every year. I’m completely in the my element: eager athletes, a great setting, a tried and tested training plan and the knowledge that this camp will add confidence and direction to each athlete’s training. What I like best about both the (unfortunately cancelled) Spring Cycling Camp and the updoming Penticton Multi-sport Endurance Camp is the camaraderie between the participants, the willingness of those attending to go the extra mile so as to leave tired, feeling accomplished, and with a strong understanding of what comes next in their ongoing training.

The Summer Multi-sport Endurance Camp runs from July 14-17 and offers 3 full-on days of cycle-run-swim coaching and training to set you on a course to your next PB in a triathlon, duathlon or cycling event. Due to the cancellation of the Spring Cycle Camp, we’ve decided to add a cycling focus to this year’s summer multi-sport camp.

I look forward to hearing from all interested athletes at all ages and levels, anyone with a desire to work hard, to improve, to be inspired. Call 604-340-6767 or use the contact form to reach me. Let’s talk about how these camps can help actualize your athletic endeavours.

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Introducing Athletic Endeavours' Training Camps for 2021