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Spring 2022

Drop-in Group
HIIT Training
for Runners
Endurance Athletes
& Fitness Enthusiasts

Join 8 to 12 participants in 4 challenging and inspiring group High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT outdoor workouts each week featuring: 1) functional resistance training; 2) cycling or 3) running

The primary goal of our Spring 2022 drop-in group HIIT training programs is to help all levels of runners, cyclists, endurance athletes, and fitness enthusiasts develop sport-specific and general strength, endurance, and work capacity through structured HIIT outdoor workouts. Prepare to feel great this rainy season. You’ll become healthier, fitter, with capacity to burn.

What else can you expect from Athletic Endeavours Drop-in HIIT classes? Runners, cyclists and general endurance athletes can look forward to improving efficiency and fluidity of movement on the run or on the bike. Learn to sustain ideal technique in the face of fatigue. Learn to optimize your energy output in a variety of conditions and metabolic states, particularly at higher intensities, through carefully structured bouts of work coupled with recovery. All group workouts are now outdoors.

All of these drop-in group workouts inevitably challenge all energy systems, but there will be a specific focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). All workouts are performed under the watchful eye of Coach Andrew Tuovinen. Each run, cycle, swim or group functional training workout begins with a gradual warm-up, followed by the main set HIIT training or functional resistance training, and concludes with a cool-down.

November 10, 2021 – This article in the New York Times provides an excellent overview of HIIT training and its effects on our hearts, minds, life spans and waistlines.

Spring 2022:
Drop-in Group Programs