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The successful pursuit of your athletic endeavours could likely benefit from expert support, direction and guidance. Tapping into a broadband of training and coaching services offered by a professional personal trainer and coach can help fine-tune and plan the approach, as well as shorten the journey to your goals.


Personal training services take the guess-work out of weight training, with carefully planned programs to focus strength and endurance efforts leading to improved efficiency and better impetus for gains with every single gym workout. Swim, bike and run (multi-sport endurance) coaching services provides an athlete or athlete-to-be with a thoughtfully-designed, effective, action plan that, when followed earnestly, becomes the most direct route possible to achieving their athletic goal.


An experienced multi-sport endurance coach provides an athlete with an outside set of eyes and ears, and an informed brain to give feedback and insights into performance and how best to enhance it. Periodic multi-sport endurance training camps spaced throughout the year offer serious athletes of all abilities the opportunity to break through barriers and make big improvements in performance. These performance gains are evident when an athlete is put to the test in competition. Athletic Endeavours athletes can expect regular personal best results!


Other Athlete Development Services

At Athletic Endeavours, personal training and coaching services are buttressed by other athlete development services such as workshops dedicated to nutrition and functional training; fitness assessments and body composition assessments provide solid data on where each client is at with respect to muscular strength, endurance, aerobic capacity, and other parameters before starting off on an athletic endeavour; while subsequent re-testing helps confirm progress.