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George Loblaw's Experience


I was close to 70 pounds overweight with borderline diabetes and a waist line around 38 inches not long before this picture was taken. Not good. I looked around online for a trainer and found Andrew. He seemed like a good fit and I was not the most motivated client so he had his work cut out. Fast forward 2 1/2 years: I've lost most of that fat mass, especially around my belly, and I know my muscles have gotten stronger. Most importantly, through a combination of the 3-times per week sessions with Andrew and eating well, my blood sugars are way better and I have really good energy. Lugging around all that fat really kept me down. Thanks, man 🙂

Noteworthy Program Elements

  • Training focus:
    Functional training in the gym, mostly full-body movements that challenge a range of functions from strength to balance.
  • Sports or activities George trains for:
    Nothing in particular, just getting healthy and staying there!

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