Start off Spring 2021 with a commitment to you!

It was a long winter. But now, a week before the arrival of spring, with temps above 10º celsius every day, you can get outdoors to exercise! We all hate COVID-19, but if there's one thing the pandemic has taught us: going outside to play is seriously good for mental and physical health, as is a whole-body, functional training workout outdoors. Consider this workout "structured play" for those serious about "quality me-time". The Hour Of Power class offers a trifecta of fresh air, lots of space, camaraderie at a safe distance. The class is limited to 8 people on a drop-in basis, all sharing the challenge of a great guided workout, lead by your favourite professional trainer. This is your…

Hour Of Power

Outdoor Group Functional Training
Limited to 8, Tuesday and Friday, 6-7pm; Sunday 9-10am
– Note the change from Saturday to Sunday class –

Mr Motivation here with another sink-or-swim venture to keep the AE enterprise afloat in an ocean of uncertainty. That sad fact of life aside, I also love to coach, instruct and lead so this new group functional training program comes easily into being.

You and 7 others – neighbours, friends, co-workers – will experience an Hour Of Power, challenging and engaging, whole-body exercises that flow one to the next, exercises that boost metabolism and leave no capacity untouched: improve strength, develop better endurance, enhance your coordination, balance and ease of movement. Walk away knowing (and feeling) that you’ve made the effort and the investment in your physical and mental well-being.

Photos from the first class of 2021:

Cost: Drop-in for $20 or buy a Six-Pack Plus for $99 (6 classes at $16.50 per class)


David Livingston Elementary School grounds, 315 E 23rd Ave., on the southeast corner fields where 23rd Ave meets Prince Edward Street. Bonus: there’s a covered spot adjacent to the school for shelter when it rains.


Classes run rain or shine: Tuesday and Friday: 6-7pm | Sunday: 9-10am | Starting January 9, 2021

What to Bring:

Dress warmly, in layers that you can shed; gloves are mandatory (for hygienic reasons). Bring a yoga mat, and a skip rope if you have one.

What To Expect:

Expect to work at your own level while you perform multi-joint challenging but engaging functional training exercises with cool tools. Gear that you’ll explore: TRX®-style body weight trainers, free-weights, resistance tubing, medicine and stability balls, agility tools and more.

How to Sign-up: Call 604-340-6767!

There are 8 spots available and attending is based on a first-to-call, first-to-reserve system, whereby you’ll need to contact Andrew at 604-340-6767 before a class to save your spot for any given session.

This will be a great class and I am psyched! 🤪
Don’t hesitate to call if you need more information or simply want to talk about the benefits of this class.

To your best efforts –