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Outdoor Training: The New Normal at Athletic Endeavours

With gyms slowly re-opening (and with clients likely skittish at the thought of sweating indoors with others sharing the same air space), I’m embracing the alternative of working one-on-one with my personal training clients outdoors. I’m also employing strict coronavirus prevention strategies like physical distancing, not sharing equipment and wiping down all the equipment used in each session.

Let's go out and play…

With beautiful weather and lots of outdoor space in which to spread out, Vancouver this spring is perfect for outdoor workouts that comply with social distancing guidelines.

I’ve been meeting with a few clients outside, but as the weather warms, folks are getting antsy to get out and play and I’m getting more calls from clients who want to train outdoors instead of a gym. It’s easy to duplicate outdoors most of the training options of a gym. My standard kit includes dumbbells, body balls and med balls, TRX®, mats, and of course, plenty of sanitizing agents to apply to all my gear between appointments. 

Meanwhile, for multi-sport coaching clients, group rides have been replaced with very small group rides with gaps between riders on less travelled routes; group runs and track workouts, although outdoors, will be starting again soon but for now have been replaced by one-on-one, sessions by appointment and where proper distancing and other COVID-19 protocols are practiced.

I’m wishing everyone the best and hope that you are doing well and getting out to play.