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Meet Our Sponsors: RouteArrows

RouteArrows are an environmentally friendly, incredibly simple and effective means of marking temporary routes with highly visible biodegradable paper arrows.

Originally designed for route marking on cycling events and tours, RouteArrows are easy to use peel-n-stick paper arrows, that are now universally used for runs, walks and a diverse range of event types! They are 3” wide x 11.9” long, and come on rolls of 250. They are available in a rainbow of 9 High Visibility colors, and have a strong, non-toxic, adhesive that sticks to any clean dry paved road surface. And being just paper, they will disintegrate away by average traffic wear!

A big thanks to RouteArrows for providing an awesome product at a great price for our camp! Truth-be-told, I looked everywhere in Canada for something even remotely similar to no avail. So, let’s support our American friends, Randall and Roslyn, the father and daughter team behind RouteArrows, by telling anyone with a need for route markers, from COVID-19 physical distancing purposes, to events big and small.