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Spring Cycle Camp | April 26 to 28, 2024

Shake off winter’s cobwebs by joining NCCP and Cycling BC Certified Coach Andrew Tuovinen and a max of 12 cyclists for three days of spring cycling training in beautiful Penticton, BC. This camp is suitable for all cyclists who want to generate strong training momentum on the bike early in the cycling season.

Establish a strong start this spring with Athletic Endeavours Spring Cycle Camp. This camp offers a pin-point focus on building cycling training miles, and priming the energy systems (ATP-PC, aerobic, anaerobic) that power you through events short and long throughout the season. Set in the verdant hills and valleys surrounding Penticton, home to Canada’s original Ironman Competition and now the Okanagan Gran Fondo, this small group camp will inspire, motivate and drive you to greatness for 2024 simply from the setting alone. From this spectacular setting, with each training day and each ride, Coach Andrew will provide individual coaching to help you develop proper technique, overcome inefficiencies, and develop capacity as a rider. Work at your own pace, and discover ways both on and off the bike to enhance your performance on the bike. This includes an introduction to functional strength training using suspension training tools, a presentation on optimal nutrition for endurance events, a session featuring stretching techniques and yoga, and a complimentary massage session. All levels of cyclists are invited to spring into the cycling season with this camp. Benefit from Andrew’s experience as coach and competitor. This includes over 27 years of coaching multi-sport endurance athletes, and 30 years of competitive Ironman, triathlon, duathlon and bicycle racing.

Spring Cycling Training Camp Details

  • This early season camp in stunning Penticton, limited to 12 participants, runs April 26 to 28
  • Be prepared for full days on the bike under spring ideal conditions.
  • Proper nutrition and hydration for the conditions will be among the cycle performance-related topics covered informally as part of the camp.
  • Other hands-on experiences include: functional whole-body training with suspension training kits, and an introduction to stretching modalities to maximize your way to improved flexibility.
  • Complementary massage with Kevin Harrison
  • Lake dips for recovery
  • Bring a gear range appropriate to climbing.
  • A variety of accommodations are available in Penticton at for our camp dates as of October 2023.
  • Cost: $475+GST

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