Fall for HIIT Training This September

Want to build on the fitness gains you've fought hard for this summer? Tune-in maximum results with Athletic Endeavours High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions. With September's arrival, you can expect a full month of great weather and cooler temperatures, perfect for extended outdoor functional fitness training.

Hey everyone! What’s a quick and dirty option to hitting the gym a few times per week this September? Hint: anyone who knows me, knows the answer! Give up? Well, it’s High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short. As the name implies, HIIT involves combining brief but challenging work-bouts with active recovery for the duration of the workout, usually an hour or so including time for a warm-up and a cool-down.

There are many studies providing overwhelming evidence that regular HIIT training sessions effectively and efficiently challenge fundamental fitness components like strength, endurance and stamina while boosting aerobic and anaerobic work capacity. Most noteworthy, participants lost significant amounts of body fat and accrued metabolically active muscle tissue over the time frame of each study.

If all serious fitness training yields results, what makes HIIT different? The operative difference is the time factor. HIIT optimizes the work / recovery ratio to produce a significantly challenging workout over a shorter period of time than a gym workout.

HIIT workouts can take many forms. Athletic Endeavours offers 4 types geared to different interests: 1) a functional fitness class HIIT called The Hour Of Power twice per week; and 2) cycling; 3) running; and 4) swimming HIIT workouts.

Here’s an overview of my HIIT workouts. Explore each HIIT workout in detail by clicking on the links:

The Hour Of Power: This fitness class style HIIT workout is held outdoors at two locations in the city, Cambie Bridge North Park (Thursday mornings, 6:30-7:30am), and at Charles Dickens School, 1010 East 17th Ave at Windsor (Monday evenings, 6:00-7:00pm). Each class includes up to 10 people, and involves cool exercises with a plethora of training tools to challenge strength, endurance, power, balance and coordination in one very efficient hour-long training session. We do some great moves with suspension training devices in this class!

Cycling HIIT Workout: This cycling HIIT workout on Wednesday evenings is held outdoors on the streets of Vancouver’s west side and UBC in the spring, summer and fall and moves indoors onto trainers in a large garage for the dark, dull and damp winter months. All levels of cyclists are welcomed and each participant is encouraged to work within their limits. Everyone receives personal attention when it comes to riding technique and workout optimization. Over the course of 90 minutes, we work to improve riding technique and pedalling efficiency; and we perform sustained work at various stages of power output within the aerobic and anaerobic zones and pair each effort with recovery. Expect to see big gains over time in every aspect of your cycling from increased fitness and confidence, to learning to ride comfortably in a group. When October’s storms arrive with a fury, we’ll workout on trainers in a well ventilated double garage on Vancouver’s west side.

Running HIIT Workout: This running HIIT workout on Thursday evenings is a great way to boost your fitness while improving every aspect of your running experience. In a group of up to 10 runners of all levels, you’ll receive individual instruction to learn to optimize your running technique while becoming more efficient at generating aerobic and anaerobic power. We do most sessions on the excellent track at Point Grey High School but add variety by “HIITing” the trails around UBC. As with all HIIT-style training, this hour-plus workout includes a gradual warm-up and cool-down.

PS: With the arrival of dark cool mornings, my Swimming HIIT Workout has ended for the season.

Call or text me at 604-340-6767 to sign-up prior to each HIIT class to take a spot.

To your best effort,

Andrew Tuovinen,
Athletic Endeavours Personal Training
and Multi-sport Endurance Coaching 

NCCP & Triathlon Canada Certified Level 2 Coach
Canfit & BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Suspension Trainer Certified