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The sun always shone, roads were mostly traffic free and the water conditions for our swims were perfect.

It was fantastic to finally get back to coaching a camp again. I honestly thought Penticton wasn’t going to fly because of Covid. I’m so glad I persevered! It had been 8 years since I was last in Penticton putting keen athletes through their paces in a camp setting. Seven hardy individuals most of which didn’t know each other, along with helpers, gelled seamlessly into a friendly cohort of like-minded individuals. It was an amazingly supportive atmosphere from the get go. The sun always shone, roads were mostly traffic free and the water conditions for our swims were perfect. I’ve coached over 15 camps in BC, Hawaii and California, but I can consistently rave about the world class training backdrop that is the Penticton area. It’s no accident that this town is the home of Ironman Canada’s best triathlon. But this particular camp was one of best simply because of the people who attended. They are what made this so memorable for me above all other camps. Sure, I was overdue to be joyed and bouyed by coaching a camp again after a hiatus. And in this inaugural camp, I was fortunate to coach a great group of hard-working and positive people. Thanks to Kelly for being an amazing host to our bbq’s and nutrition workshops. Thanks to Marc Bowles, our fantastically friendly and super-experienced sag-wagon driver who was like a human Google unit when it came to knowing about details of the area; thanks to our nutrition specialist, T’ai Erasmus, who, through engaging presentations, helped us gain more knowledge in our quest for personal nutrition strategies. And finally, a big thanks to all the great sponsors: Canadian Tire, The Run-Inn, RouteArrows, Extreme Organics, Nitrolube, RBC GranFondo – who, through great donations of awesome gear allowed me to put together the best swag bag ever!

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