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Andrew Pool's Experience

My experience working with Coach Andrew for triathlon training over the course of a year has been nothing short of transformative. With the ambitious goal of completing an Ironman, we collaborated on both team and individual coaching, and I can confidently say that I not only achieved my goals but surpassed them.…

Coach Andrew's commitment to tailoring an individualized training plan was instrumental in my success. The consistency of his support, coupled with his meticulous race day planning, ensured that I was well-prepared for the challenges of the Ironman. What stood out was the variety and engagement in the training activities he prescribed, making the entire process not only effective but enjoyable.

Andrew's approach is not just about the physical aspect; he also excels in keeping athletes motivated. He provided a training plan that was well-organized, graded intensity and clear milestones that provided me with a roadmap that kept me focused and driven throughout the months of training that led up to my race. The journey with Coach Andrew was not just about reaching the finish line; it was about personal growth, achievement, and a true sense of accomplishment. I highly recommend Coach Andrew to anyone seeking a coach who blends expertise with a supportive and motivational coaching style.

I look forward to continuing to work with Andrew in the pursuit of my next big race!

Noteworthy Program Elements

  • Weight room focus:
    My primary focus was completing my first long-course triathlon. Additionally, I aimed to enhance my technical swimming proficiency while concurrently elevating my overall cycling and running fitness levels.
  • Sports or activities Andrew trains for:
    Ironman California, Oliver Half-Iron Triathlon, Gran Fondo (Penticton, Whistler), and several other smaller races

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