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The last endurance athlete to do really well without coaching was Forrest Gump, a fictional movie character. Serious athletes at every level need deep insights into training, recovery and nutrition that only a professional coach can provide. For 26+ years I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of athletes of every capacity and level of development; each individual requiring a unique plan to address their specific needs along with a clear description of the pathways to attaining their goals and dreams.

My Goal as YOUR Coach

My goal is for you to have your very best season and still be hungry to train again next year. How do we do that? Short answer: LTAD – ‘Long Term Athlete Development’. To perform at your maximum potential isn’t a short term quick fix. But rather by incorporating a comprehensive training plan that accounts for your strengths and weaknesses, both mental and physical, over a longer period of time.

I believe most athletes impose mental barriers on themselves that impede them from reaching their fullest potential. My job is to help you identify and minimize those obstacles and then design and implement a realistic training plan that focuses on your strengths. You don’t know how good you can be! I stress with my athletes the “Champion’s Mentality” of training and racing. Without the proper mind set you are handicapping your progress. I can help you maximize your improvement. Together we can make a great team striving towards your fitness and racing goals.

Coaching Tools

Significant in my work as your coach are the tools typical of the trade. At a personal level these include experience, knowledge, empathy, problem solving, etc. These combine with physical tools like training equipment, measuring devices and good old pen, paper and calculator to produce effective programs for my athletes.

The digital age has deepened the capacity of a coach with tools such as Training Peaks. This software allows a coach to plan, track and program for each of their athletes. Athletes benefit from seeing what I’ve laid out on either your home computer or on your phone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Swim - pullbuoys, hand paddles,  resistance bands, fins, snorkel, video analysis
  • Bike - Zwift Power, video analysis bike fit, equipment recommendations 
  • Run - resistance bands, med balls, skip ropes, video analysis

Training Peaks is the primary software tool used by coaches. I've been using TP for 13 years since 2007 because I spent more time with paperwork than I did coaching my athletes. Training Peaks is a distinct advantage both for me as a coach, and for my athletes who use it!

Here's my info at Training Peaks

Coaching Philosophy

A lot of endurance athletes train too much and are always tired. They are often times a “slave” to the training log and more concerned about quantity versus quality. My training approach is “Less is Better” and I stress frequency of exercise over duration. My training programs will eliminate the junk miles, allow you to train fewer hours, and help keep you mentally fresh and motivated. You will be able to increase your speed and race performance while minimizing burnout and risk of injury.

Coaching In Action

With the Personalized Monthly Training Plan, My overall approach is governed by two fundamental guiding principles: the idea of balanced work and rest, and the act of listening to and observing my athletes. From this flows accurate and personal training programs.

Personalized Monthly Training Plan

  • 30 minute initial telephone conversation
  • 60 minute one-to-one meet-up consult
  • evaluation of past training
  • develop future goals from short to long term
  • Swim workouts
  • Running workouts
  • Cycling workouts
  • Strength/Cross training plans

Form Analysis Services

1 hour of private one-on-one analysis of:

  • swim stroke
  • running gait
  • biking form and fit recommendations
  • strength sessions

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Coaching offers motivated multi-sport endurance athletes the opportunity to accelerate their improvement by connecting one-on-one with a coach with deep experience in all three disciplines: swim, run and bike.