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Products to Support Your Athletic Endeavours

I’m happy to present the humble beginnings of a long-awaited products page! The items I promote and sell here on the Athletic Endeavours website represent an array of products to support your body, bike and soul as you pursue your personal athletic endeavours. I’m starting off by “stocking the shelves” with body, bike and soul products I’ve known and loved for the past few years, adding new items as I go along.

Buying stuff from me is a little different than buying from an impersonal behemoth like Amazon. Unlike Amazon, my target audience is local, delivery is in person (if you live in the greater Vancouver area), and, if you’re game, I will take a few minutes to share with you over the phone some of the best practises for each product you buy.

Yes, competing with the online retail giants requires a personal touch, a deep understanding of each product one sells, and a desire to reach out to share the knowledge with others. This extra connection is especially important now, in an age where we are separated physically. I am looking forward to discussing these body, bike and soul products with you; and I’m hoping that you will gain as much as I have from having these simple, everyday items handy in my life.

Please take advantage of our Product of the Month: The Human Trainer. Every purchase of the Human Trainer Essentials Kit includes an hour of free personal training (valued at $95) to thoroughly learn how to use this major functional training tool. 

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Our Current Selection of Products for Body, Bike & Soul

The Human Trainer

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  • A Bodyweight Suspension System:
    The Human Trainer Essential Kit is a versatile portable bodyweight suspension system based on a patented dual anchor modular D-Ring design. Perform hundreds of full body movements including suspended core exercises using the integrated foot cradle handles.
  • Includes a comprehensive user manual:
    The Human Trainer Essential Kit includes a detailed user manual that provides directions for setting up the Dual Anchor Door System and the Dual Anchor Versatility System. The manual provides 20+ sample exercises including Stretching and Flexibility movements (with examples of correct and incorrect techniques) and includes safety and product maintenance instructions.
  • Details on what's included with the kit:
    Included in The Human Trainer Essential Kit are the Short Versatility Anchors with integrated door anchors to be able to instantly set-up on any standard door as well as outdoors or indoors on a cable machine or sturdy overhead beam. Subsequent kits build upon utility and extendability of the Essentials Kit.
    Includes, specifically:
    2 x Main straps with Integrated Door Anchors
    2 x Short-Versatility Anchors with Integrated Door Anchors
    2 x Integrated Foot Cradle Handles
    1 x Detailed User Manual
    1 x Mesh Carry Bag
  • Rock-solid guarantee:
    The Human Trainer is backed by an industry-leading 2 year warranty from the manufacturer
  • BONUS!

    Every purchase on the Human Trainer Essentials Kit for $245 includes a one-on-one, one-hour “how-to” session with Coach Andrew T. An hour of personal training typically costs upwards of $70 per hour so take advantage of this gift of learning for yourself or loved ones as we start 2021.


Call Andrew at 604-340-6767 or use this form to contact me about this or any other product or service in order to take advantage of special pricing.

  • Bike, Chain, Gear, and Bearing Lubricant:
    NitroLube lubricates all internal gear hubs, protecting all components. A non-fling lubricant that provides outstanding protection against rust, corrosion and wear. NitroLube will overall reduce friction, heat & wear drastically on all working parts. When used regularly extends your equipment’s life.
  • THE Hot and Cold Weather Lubricant for all Conditions:
    NitroLube’s unique complex Technology Blend of eXtreme patented “Friction Modifiers” and Anti-Wear Agents with water repellent properties, a non-evaporating formulation leaving a polarized micro film that does not attract dust or silica and which Lubricates and penetrates deep into all parts. The hotter the chain-gears and sprockets get, the better the product works.
  • Benefits of NitroLube:
    For extreme cycling requirements and environments • Chain lubricant with extreme adherence properties • Long lasting liquid spray lubricant • Lasts twice as long as regular lubes • Water repellent • Does not evaporate off chain • Repels dirt, sand, grime, dust and salt • Decreases chain and sprocket wear • Reduces maintenance costs and down time • Extend the life of older components • Preserves new equipment • Provides optimum chain/gear life
  • My thoughts on having used NitroLube for several years:
    I think it was the 2009 Vancouver Bike show where I had picked up a sample. Up until then I had been using TriFlow, an all-purpose bike lubricant, and I’d been pretty satisfied. Ever the scientist, for a fair comparison I started with a completely clean chain and applied NitroLube where I would have used TriFlow. Truth-be told, I am a fanatic for a clean drive train. I clean and lube my chain before every ride, and I use a friction-free lube. A clean drive train running a super-thin lube saves watts of resistance that can otherwise go into power production and not overcoming chain and gear resistance. NitroLube works beautifully! It is a truly minimal lubricant. After each fresh application, my drive train runs silently and is unlikely to pick up crud the way a standard oil does by leaving residual lubricant. I recommend NitriLube without reservations for other friction-free, watt-weinie fanatics like me.

X-treme Biker Balm

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  • When's the last time you has a serious talk about chamois cream with your doctor?
    Kidding aside, chamois cream is so personal a subject, it’s likely never to come up between riders. But in that sweaty silence of the peloton, each and everyone suffers from that inevitable interface between the saddle and one’s nether regions. Early on I tried vaseline, cheap, plentiful and moisturizing but, in reality it’s pure grease that wrecked chamois after chamois. Fast forward through a variety of increasingly refined products until I found X-treme’s Biker Balm back in 2016. Wow! Great ingredients that agree with your body and your expensive bike clothing.
  • This is not your average chamois cream:
    This is not your average chamois cream! X-treme Organics’ rich and soothing organic balm helps with chafing, irritation, and saddle sores by creating a barrier to manage heat and guards against friction while re-moisturizing and without damaging your “equipment”, their words, not mine. But I tend to agree. I apply it before a ride of more than two hours, especially during the spring and summer months. In my opinion, it would be ideal for any sport where you’re puttinmg time in the saddle, moving around constantly looking for that comfort sweet spot: road, XC, and mountain bikers. From my experience, X-treme Organics will keep you on the saddle longer.

Pro FIT Whey Protein Isolate

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  • Why Whey?
    A whey protein isolate formulation like Pro FIT makes a great dietary supplement particularly for busy people who exercise regularly. I’m that guy. I’m busy: training self and clients every day; I leave the humble abode early and return late; I eat on the run. What’s more, I don’t eat meat, fish or poultry regularly, mostly for ethical reasons. I have a tub of Pro FIT Whey Protein Isolate and a good shaker container in the van so I can shake up a drink on the fly using any number of liquids as a base. I love simply dissolving a scoop or two of vanilla in skim milk! Using the WPI ensures that I am getting a good hit of protein for building and repairing muscles right when I need it, not later because I’m too busy to eat, fasting for hours in the meantime while my body screams for sustenance. That is counterproductive to put it mildly.
  • Simple Nutrition Science:
    People who train regularly and balance the workout with rest are engaged, at a micro-muscular level, in a continuous cycle of muscle damage and repair. Eating thoughtfully and deliberately is critical to optimal recovery. While carbohydrates and fats fuel the workout, protein provides the essential amino acids the body requires for building and repairing the stressed-out tissues. The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.36 grams of quality protein per pound (0.8 grams per kg) of body weight. This amounts to 56 grams per day for the average sedentary man and 46 grams per day for the average sedentary woman. People who train require even more. The bottom line: active people on the run who don’t sit for regular meals should consider a daily hit of WPI. I do.

LactiGo Topical Recovery Gel

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  • Why use a recovery gel?
    • Menthol formulation relieves muscle pain during, and after exercise
    • Contains carnosine, which plays a key role in athletic performance and recovery
    • Prevents muscle fatigue
    • Goes on clear, dries fast, with no sticky residue
    • Topical application, nothing to ingest
    • Informed-sport certified
  • From the Lactigo website:

    Topically apply LactiGo 45 minutes prior to your workout, activity, or competition. For added recovery benefits, also apply LactiGo after your post-activity shower. Applying LactiGo pre-workout helps with your activity performance, while post-workout application assists with recovery.

    For full-body application, use at least 8 pumps and rub thoroughly on to your skin. It should take about 30 seconds to dry. If it dries too quickly, then you likely didn’t apply enough! 8 pumps is the equivalent of about (10ml or 0.3 fl. oz.)

    LactiGo should be applied on the areas of your body that are going to be most active. For example, if you’re going for a run, then cover your legs. If you’re doing an arm workout, then apply it to your arms.

    LactiGo is widely used by people from all walks of life, from recreational enthusiasts to professional athletes. The performance and recovery benefits help at every level of activity.

It's not so much a brand, AE is a way of life.

I started Athletic Endeavours with one thing in mind: to support every individual’s best effort. After nearly 30 years of service, I’ve never believed more in the company than now, and I am extremely proud of having influenced the lives of others as coach and personal trainer over these many years.

To celebrate the idea of “Athletic Endeavours”, in combination with a long passion for cycling, I’ve partnered with Jakroo Canada to produce a AE-branded cycling kit for 2021. Made from the best materials and produced by a fine local company, Jakroo, the Athletic Endeavours Cycling Kit has a soft, subtle, but substantial fabric feel, offering great support, superb chamois, and an anatomical fit with curved fabric lines and flat seams through out.