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Penticton Camps for 2022: Highlights

I’m really excited about returning to Penticton for the two camps I’m coaching this spring and summer, 2022. Penticton is BC’s natural triathlon, duathlon and endurance multi-sport training and racing hotspot for many reasons, not the least of which is imminent return of the Ironman to Penticton once the global pandemic has passed. Both of this year’s training camps occur exclusively outdoors and are limited to 12 participants each, so expect to receive your share of Coach Andrew’s attention.

Start strong this spring, and shake off the vestiges of winter with Athletic Endeavours’ Spring Cycling Camp, April 29-May 1, in Penticton. Penticton’s a place where spring arrives earlier than on the coast with warm dry weather perfect for lengthy training rides through the mountains. This camp is geared for all levels of cyclists

Kick it into another gear in mid season with Athletic Endeavours’ Penticton Multi-sport Endurance Training Camp, 4 days from July 13-16. This intensive camp focuses on developing all the training elements that lead to a “personal best” triathlon, duathlon or bike race performance: swim-bike-run training in all it’s forms; recovery strategies, adjunctive in-season muscular strength and endurance training; and eating for optimum performance pre-race, during and post-race.

This year's camps

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I hope you’re as excited as I am about the Penticton Multi-sport Endurance Training Camp. The next step is to send me a message or give me a call at 604-340-6767 so I can answer any questions you might have and provide additional details about the camp, too numerous to mention here.

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