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Functional Personal Training for 2023-24

“As your personal trainer and athletic coach, my goal is to to provide you with the very best personalized training and coaching services based upon realistic, mutually set goals designed to maximize your fitness or athletic potential.”

Whether you are new to personal training or a high endurance performance athlete, Athletic Endeavours will work with you to set realistic goals, conduct a detailed fitness assessment, conduct a body composition assessment and create a comprehensive and progressive workout regimen, specifically tailored to meet your fitness needs and lifestyle. Anchored in the paradigm of functional training, Athletic Endeavours is dedicated to ensuring each and every client develops comprehensive knowledge and solid skills as a result of personal training. From a little support to full-on training, we are there with you stride-in-stride to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals! Athletic Endeavours focuses on proven functional training methodologies to offer a variety of fun yet challenging, whole-body exercises to get you on track to a personal best or simply a fit and healthy lifestyle. Need a little more support? Go ahead. Bring a friend!

Personal Training Options

There’s a reason it’s called personal training. Experienced professional personal trainers combine your wants, needs and aspirations with the right modality of training to make every athletic endeavour become a reality. In a way, all pathways of training lead towards the some sort of outcome of improved muscular strength, enhanced metabolic capacity, improved endurance, and positive changes in body composition. But not all training regimes offer expedited access to your goals. Some training methods leave you wondering whether or not you’re making progress, while other pathways – like whole-body functional training – offer clear sight-lines direct to your goals as you’ll experience when  you work with Athletic Endeavours. I am here in my capacity as a personal trainer to link you to the best options for your success. Are you ready? Let’s talk about what a well-planned and executed functional  training program can do for you 🙂

Training Facilities

Athletic Endeavours works with personal training clients at three top-notch private training facilities. In Vancouver, I work with clients at Executive Lifestyles Gym, second to none when it comes to providing an extraordinary array of training tools and modalities. In North Vancouver, clients can train with me out of Level 10 Fitness, equivalent to Executive Lifestyles when it comes to equipment diversity. In Squamish, Mountain Fitness Center becomes ground-zero for all of Athletic Endeavours’ training initiatives. Clients training at this facility benefit hugely from both equipment variety and plenty of space to work the magic. Another option for personal training is the great outdoors year-round. Here in Vancouver there are several options for weather-free undercover outdoor training. Finally, from the comfort and safety of your own home, I can provide the best full-body, functional training experience with little or lots of equipment via Zoom 🙂

Contact me about personal training

I live and breathe the opportunity to serve my clients in any way I can towards their athletic endeavours. To that end, meeting your schedule is my priority. I’m available for appointments 7 days per week. Call 604-340-6767 anytime to discuss your next athletic endeavour. I bet it’ll be GREAT.