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Bike Coaching

My role as your cycling coach

My other set of legs are my wheels! I’ve been on a bike in one form or another since I could walk. Over many, many years in the saddle, I’ve explored cycling in all its myriad forms: triathlon, road, mountain, cyclocross, backcountry cycle touring in southwestern BC. Truth be told, cycling is my speciality and I’m passionate about the sport!

This passion for cycling – first as an absolute beginner, then as a competitive athlete, and finally as a coach –  is at the heart of my role as a multi-sport coach. Here’s what I can do for your inner and outer cyclist at any level:

For those just starting out as cyclists:

I’m talking here to those who’d consider themselves to be absolute beginners. Working together, we’d start with the basics such as choosing the right bike, getting to become ‘one’ with your bike, and feeling comfortable with your bike (as opposed to it feeling foreign), learn proper pedaling techniques, introduce indoor winter riding sessions, outdoor group riding…learn how to safely and effectively ride in a group environment.

Intermediate level cyclists

You’ve had some experience, now you want to take it to that next level. This is where you see big improvements in areas such as: knowing and dialing in the 5 Zones and knowing when they are appropriate, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) via through group (or solo), indoor & outdoor drafting & non drafting, race selection, race strategies

Advanced level cyclists:

You’ve been in the game for a few years but find you’re just ‘spinning your wheels’ and can’t seem to find that extra 4-6% improvement, or you’re ever so close to getting on that podium or world championship team. We got you covered! Here we target: Functional Threshold Power (FTP) so you know your exact zones, periodization training, race strategies that mimic training, etc.

What’s Included:

Every one of my coached athletes at any level of enrolment will get a custom monthly training plan with weekly workout feedback and analysis either via phone, text, email or video-chat.

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