Drop-in HIIT
Cycling Workouts

Coached Group Cycle Sessions

Join Coach Andrew along with a maximum of 12 cyclists for a 90 minute (+/-) HIIT-focused coached group cycling workout in one of four locales: Stanley Park, UBC, Richmond’s Iona Spit or the North Shore (Horseshoe Bay or Cypress Mnt). Expect to develop better cycling form in and out of the saddle, develop your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, push your anaerobic threshold and develop greater power generation.

All levels of cyclists from beginners to competitive. This ride is all inclusive and anyone can benefit. No one gets left behind.

Wednesdays evenings starting at 6:00pm

UBC area, Stanley Park and occasionally Richmond’s Iona Spit and the North Shore (Horseshoe Bay, Cypress Mtn)

This is a 90 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) ride and includes warm-up, drills, a main set at zone 4-5 and a cool-down. The bottom line: this ride is meant to challenge you! Meet-up is at 5:45pm generally in the west area of Vancouver (Kitsilano, Kerrisdale, Stanley Park) and will be announced in advance of each ride. This session is weather dependant. If it’s cold and rainy, I’ll recommend an indoor cycling session either in Cheryl’s garage, or on your own.

Call or text Andrew at 604-340-6767 to reserve your spot before each session. Yes, old school but it works well 🙂


$20 +GST per drop-in
$99 +GST for Six-Pack Plus Pack
($16.50 per class)
Cash or e-transfer