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Drop-in HIIT:
Running Workouts

Designed to make you a better runner

Join Coach Andrew this spring on Thursday evenings, along with a maximum of 12 runners, for HIIT-focused coached group running workouts. Learn to resist fatigue, develop better running form, speed and endurance on the track and on the trails with this fun and informal drop-in HIIT running program.

What is HIIT training?
igh Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a well-documented and studied strategy for improving overall fitness, strength and endurance where 1-5 minute bouts of a high intensity activity like running are coupled with recovery time and repeated. Here’s a detailed article from Wikipedia on HIIT.

Who is HIIT run training for?
All levels of runners from beginners to competitive are welcome to attend.

When is the weekly HIIT running workout?
Every Thursday from 6:00-7:00pm

Where does the session take place?
Session locations: mostly in the west-side area of Vancouver (Kitsilano, Kerrisdale (Point Grey High School track), UBC trails

What can you expect in a HIIT run workout?
With all this extra daylight this spring, we’ll be doing trail intervals near the beaches of Locarno, the local parks and track workouts (Point Grey High School track), with technique development at all sessions. What to expect during the 1 hour session? We begin with a 20 minute dynamic warm-up that  includes technique drills; followed by 30 minutes of the main set of HIIT Intervals which could include hills, tempo work, track training); and the hour wraps with a 10 minute warm-down.

How to sign-up:
Call or text 604-340-6767 to reserve your spot before each session


$20 +gst per drop-in
$275 +gst for 6 months
(best deal: works out to $11 per workout!)
Cash or e-transfer