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James Cassell's Experience

I thought I knew how to train for triathlons but after a few years my results and training became stagnant. The idea of having a professional coach by my side started to make sense. After doing some online research I found Andrew Tuovinen’s website. He seemed credible and was adamant about getting rid of junk miles and implementing quality training. When I first met with Andrew, he did not shy away from telling me about the work that would lay ahead in order to achieve my goals. This was exactly what I needed to hear. I wanted to be pushed like never before and to experience professional training. I wanted to get to the start line of a race with more confidence in my ability. Andrew and I have been working together for several years now. My training is now much more robust, challenging and has purpose. I feel accountable to him and to the training schedule. More so, Andrew is very personable yet remains your coach through and through. With Andrew in my corner, I have climbed the ranks on the local triathlon racing scene, often placing top in my age group. No matter what your training goals are, Andrew will be there to help you succeed.

Noteworthy Program Elements

  • Weight room focus:
    James knows that victory begins in the weight room with functional training
  • Sports or activities James trains for:
    Competes in Triathlon, Age Group Athlete: 40-45

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