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Jeff Thornhill's Experience

I think this photo sums up one of the hardest events (crucibles) in the world. The ultimate test with the Navy Seals pushing your limits in mind, body and soul.

I’ve been an athlete my whole life and I’m continually finding ways to push the envelope with new challenges. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world competing in a variety of disciplines with much success. Part of that success is seeking out the most successful athletes and coaches to train alongside with and be a student. When the opportunity came up to compete in Ironman I wanted a top tier coach to guide me along the way. Coach Drew is that rare combination of coach who’s also competed at the highest levels successfully. I want to learn from the best and who can also relate to me going through hard battles and who’s also been in the trenches. Andrew gets it and knows exactly when to push my buttons or ease off things so from that standpoint he’ll always be my go to coach in this sport. The way he puts together programming and running group training sessions is the absolute best.Obviously I would recommend athletes contact him for any all athletic endeavours! Grateful for this guy!!

Noteworthy Program Elements

  • Training focus:
    An ACE-certified personal trainer and coach, Jeff trains his clients through a focus on functional whole-body workouts
  • Sports or activities Jeff trains for:
    Jeff is a former professional kickboxer and martial artist who holds a black belt in Karate

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