Portable. Practical. Powerful results. Suspension training is your pathway to strength, endurance, and fitness independence. Learn to master suspension training and workout wherever and whenever you want at an intensity that suits you best. Say goodbye to equipment lineups in crowded sweaty gyms!

Athletic Endeavours' Suspension Training 365

Suspension training kits are a game changer for me as an athlete, coach and personal trainer. Learn to incorporate this amazing fitness tool into your training!

I would describe suspension training systems in general as portable, practical and powerful. Portable, in that you can train indoors or outdoors. Practical, in that you can experience a core-centric, full-body, functional workout whenever you want. Powerful, in that by harnessing and working with gravity you can apply larger strength-building loads to muscle and joint systems, or you can choose lighter loads to build muscular endurance.

Dozens of possible exercises can be sequenced, circuit-style to create an endless array of workouts options that build stamina through sequential metabolic loading and recovery.

Learn suspension training for yourself:

This exercise tool has been made a huge difference for so many of my clients during these last 18 months of limited or no access to gyms, so I’m making it an official program. Presenting Athletic Endeavours’ Suspension Training, 365. Designed for those individuals who are looking for functional training mastery and gym-independence 365 days per year, year after year, this program offers flexibility, freedom and training versatility. Here are the details:

  • The freedom to train when and where anytime
    Your gym membership will gather dust as you gain the freedom to train indoors or outdoors with little more than an overhead anchor point
  • The Human Trainer Suspension Training Tool
    You get your own Human Trainer Suspension Trainer, Essentials Kit (a $225 retail value)
  • Train confidently, anywhere
    You’ll get two sessions of 1 hour each at a location of your choice where you’ll be introduced to full-body, gym-independent suspension training programming (a $200 value)
  • Knowledge adds power
    You’ll learn key, core-centric strength exercises that recruit major muscle and joints, and endurance exercises that use fewer muscles and joints
  • Pacing and progressions
    You’ll learn all about exercise sequencing options to fine-tune metabolic loading potential of your workout to suit your level of fitness
  • Cost:
    $365 + GST
  • To book:
    Call 604-340-6767 to change your (training) life!