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Lynda Smithard's Experience

I've been working with Andrew for almost 15 years. He has coached me in triathlon, running and road cycling. In triathlon, I've won and ranked in the top 3 overall in local races and achieved top Age Group results at multiple National and World Championships, and at the Americas Masters Games in 2016. Highlights include three top ten finishes at Worlds (Sprint triathlon, Cross triathlon and Aquathon) and a gold medal in Standard distance at the Americas Master Games.

In running and road cycling, I've achieved podium finishes at local, Provincial and National levels in both overall and Age Group results. I won a bronze medal in the road cycling Time Trial at the Americas Masters Games. This year, I'll be competing in the Gran Fondo World Championships in Whistler.

My success under Andrew's guidance has come from consistent, injury free training that takes the rest of my life into account. Part of this strategy has been weekly functional training in the gym with Andrew. Andrew's knowledge and first-hand experience with competitive triathlon, running and road cycling equips him to plan the perfect gym workout for me to achieve my athletic goals and keep me healthy.

Andrew is a highly knowledgeable, effective and super positive coach that has become an important part of my life. I highly recommend his coaching and personal training services.

Noteworthy Program Elements

  • Weight room focus:
    Lynda works out in the gym with Andrew each week for functional training
  • Sports or activities Lynda trains for:
    Triathlon, running, road cycling

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