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Athletic Endeavours Personal Training is also available over Zoom. These directed functional training workouts have all the qualities of an in-person personal training session but without the gym fees, the travel, and the seasonal flu, colds and COVID risk. Enjoy the challenge of a full-body functional training workout from the comfort of your home with as little as a yoga mat!

Functional Personal Training via Zoom

It’s never been easier to incorporate the personal training experience to infuse your workouts with possibilities. Get function-based personal training over Zoom from one to three times per week to generate real training momentum. Start with a one-hour, one-on-one, or partner workout designed to be on par with the gym or outdoor workout experience. All you need is a Zoom account (which is free) and the desire for change!

What’s the biggest advantage of training via Zoom? It’s got to be the extraordinary convenience of training in your own home, with as little as a yoga mat and some motivation. Dozens of exercises can be created using just a mat alone! Do you own fitness equipment or perhaps have a home gym? Great! Let’s include your own tools in these training sessions. Any additional equipment such as: body ball, stretchy tubing, weights, TRX, med balls, etc. will add more variety to your training experience.

What can you expect in a typical 1 hour personal training session? Expect the same experience as a gym session. We’ll start with a 10 minute dynamic warm-up using exercises to elevate your heart rate. The warm-up is followed by 40 minutes of whole-body, core-engaged, functional strength training exercises to challenge every joint and muscle system. To complete the session we’ll be doing a 10 minute warm-down and stretch.

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$85 per hour (+GST), or $70 per hour (+GST) when you buy 10 sessions

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