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If you’re liking the effects personal training is having on your life, share the gains with a friend and get FREE personal training sessions!

You’ve made some great gains so far in the time we’ve worked together. There’s been some serious carry-over from gains in the gym to positive changes in your life at home and work. You sleep better, you’re eating more consciously, your mood has improved and you’ve noticed a general over-arching optimism in your attitude; you’re hitting the gym on your own twice per week in addition to our two session together. And I gotta say, thinking about where you began, you’re really making strides from my POV.

If personal training has made a real difference in your life, do you have a friend or 2 or 3 you think would benefit from personal training sessions with Athletic Endeavours? Referrals mean rewards!

AE Refer a Friend Program

Here's how it works. Refer a friend who signs-up for 10 personal training sessions and receive one free personal training session for yourself! That's right, one FREE session every time you refer a friend who makes a commitment to their own athletic endeavours. Refer friends and enjoy free training sessions while your friends get fitter. How good is that?

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