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Run Coaching

Becoming your running coach

My earliest memories of running was as an adrenaline-fuelled survival mechanism: to avoid my mom’s deadly accurate, butt-tracking wooden spoon. Later on, as an unruly teen, running became an expression of joyful abandon which I channelled into organized activities like running track and cross country. I eventually gravitated to longer run events such as 10k’s and the marathons, and eventually to triathlon by my early 20’s.

As with biking, running is an extension of who I am, and to become a running coach was a natural evolution. I share with my running clients a deep understanding of what it takes to perform at one’s best.

My goal as your running coach

First and foremost running efficiency through Gait Analysis. All coaches will agree that speed comes later when you perfect your run technique AND build your aerobic foundation. This is done through regular feedback, whether it’s done one-on-one on a treadmill or outdoor in a group track session. I can easily pinpoint flaws that will have you run with rhythm and flow!

Includes: custom training plan starting with building a solid foundation through aerobic base building, targeting Heart Rate training Zones, HIIT sessions via group or solo, runs off-the-bike and video analysis.

What’s Included:

Every one of my coached athletes at any level of enrolment will get a custom monthly training plan with weekly workout feedback and analysis either via phone, text, email or video-chat.

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