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Swim Coaching

Some thoughts on swim coaching

I often hear comments such as: ‘I’d love to try a triathlon, but I couldn’t do the swimming part’, especially when you’re expected to jump in a mosh pit of countless others when that triathlon finally arrives! I’m here to change that way of thinking. I started in that very same predicament, not coming from a swim background. I learned the hard way by not getting any technique help when I embarked on a triathlon training program way back in 1986. I muscled my way through and almost drowned in my first Tri!

Hiring a swim coach was the next step to avoiding that experience again, and through coaching I learned to relax and enjoy the event!

My role as your swim coach

As your swim coach, technique reigns supreme over anything else! Even experienced swimmers need a constant eye on what you’re doing right, but more importantly what you’re doing wrong.

What’s Included:

All swim athletes gain access to swim stroke and video analysis, custom training plans, frequent workout feedback and analysis either via phone, text, email or video-chat.

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