The Intensive

Committing to directed personal training is an investment into your best self. Expect to work hard, but in return, you'll see and feel results as you build momentum towards permanent positive changes.

The Intensive program centers around “directed” ongoing one-on-one or partner personal training with an emphasis on me putting you through ongoing balanced and creative functional training workouts.

The ultimate goal of The Intensive is to provide you (and your friends) with a full-on, effective, time-efficient, variable, functional workout without you having to think. Show up. Work hard. Recover. Repeat. That’s The Intensive!

Here's what you can expect with The Intensive:

  • While you will learn exercise repertoire over time, there'll be less focus on learning and more focus on simply experiencing an intense, directed workout
  • Did I mention: no thinking, just workout! – That's right, let me do the “best practices” functional training programming and the motivating!
    I will ensure that your position and posture are optimized for each exercise
  • The Intensive works well with busy clients pressed for time, short of self-motivation, and in need of transformative results
  • The Intensive provides an ideal option for buddy training because of the motivation synergy that occurs when two or more friends experience a directed workout together
  • Enjoy the broad range of benefits over time that functional training provides including body composition changes, improvements in muscular strength, endurance, coordination, balance and power
  • Experience a broad range of challenging exercises, discover skills and functional exercises that you'd likely have never thought of!
  • Avoid common mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of a workout by letting the experience of a professional personal trainer take away the guess work from every workout
  • Leave each session knowing (and feeling!) that you’ve done your best

What’s Included:

  • 15 minute initial phone consultation
  • 10 x 1.0 hour hands-on training sessions
  • A follow-up email synopsis on what you took away from this

Call Andrew at 604-340-6767 or use this form to contact me about this or any other product in order to take advantage of special pricing.