The Intro (To Functional Training)

This session is designed for those:

  • who want to consult with an experienced, certified functional training expert and experience an introductory functional training workout
  • with little or no gym experience who want a succinct introduction to the idea of “functional training”
  • with gym experience who are currently working out conventionally and suspect there are more and interesting ways to train

The Goal

The goal of a single session training consolation and session is to introduce you to the concept and practical options associated with functional training in a gym setting.

  • Think ‘outside the box’ of what you ‘normally’ do in a gym session
  • Learn to sequence and program a complete workout
  • Learn to use a basic range of equipment options
  • Be introduced the concept of "fundamental movement themes"
  • Experience a challenging functional training workout to feel the potential this style of training has to offer

What’s Included

  • 15 minute initial phone consultation
  • 2.0 hour hands-on functional training session
  • Follow-up email synopsis on what you took away from this

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