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RBC Gran Fondo Whistler / SportMed BC Clinic Organizer’s Letter…

In which cycle coaching clients express their appreciation for Coach Andrew’s help during the 12-week 2018 Grand Fondo prep clinic: My Next Fondo

Dear Andrew,
We are pleased to share the kind words that your My Next Fondo participants had to say about your role as their cycling coach this year. It is clear that you have truly made a positive impact on these participants, and we thank you for your dedication to the 2018 My Next Gran Fondo Program!

“Andrew is positive and encouraging. He spends time with each rider by doubling back to ride with each one of us, even on our Cypress rides and our 25th Street climbs. He offers good tips on posture, climbing, and safety. I looked forward to each Tuesday.”

“Great attitude! Andrew was always encouraging no matter how ‘fast’ we thought we were. He offered consistently good advice and made sessions fun and competitive, even though there was a wide range of ability in our group. Andrew watched out just to make sure everyone, even those who were behind, were safe.”

“Andrew was very encouraging and accomodating to all riders. He was clearly a very experienced rider, and it was fun to learn from him!”

“Andrew was great in motivating me to reach new heights, and he was always there to give me the push to keep going faster. He’s an amazing Coach! Got my heart rate to 187, which I never thought was possible.”

”Andrew did an incredible job, and provided lots of info and encouragement for the beginner riders – but still managed to make workouts difficult for more advanced riders. Super nice guy on top of it. I cannot speak highly enough of him and his coaching skills!” 

“Andrew showed up for each clinic with a bun due of enthusiasm and encouraging advice. This is actually my second clinic with Andrew and I really appreciate how he’s brought me to the next level in my cycling ability. Thank you: awesome coach, from the bottom of my heart!”

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A big thanks from your coach to Ray, Rick, Karon, Darshan & Sally for your positive feedback  🙂