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If you haven’t read about the return of Athletic Endeavours Penticton Multi-sport Training Camp, July 14-18, 2020, then check this out. For those who are new to the camp, it’s a 3 or 5 day immersion into all aspects of training, recovery and nutrition for ALL levels of triathletes, duathletes, Gran Fondo riders and general endurance multi-sport athletes.

Camp participants are generally professionals from 22-55 who enjoy active lifestyles, living well and training hard.

Get your brand onto t-shirts, banners, posters, flyers, ads and get a “featured sponsor” write-up here on the Athletic Endeavours website in exchange for your material or monetary support of this camp.

We’re looking for swag for swag bags, discounts on your products that would benefit camp participants, or prizes that can be awarded to camp participants in any number of mini-challenges during the camp, such as recognition awards for achievements made during the camp. This camp is all about support and success for everyone’s athletic endeavours and I wholeheartedly welcome your participation as a sponsor.

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